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The Eat Stop Eat Diet Program Review

 A Diet System That Guarantees Weight Loss and Is Beneficial for Your Health

The intermittent fasting diet system propagated by Brad Pilon in his revolutionary book entitled Eat Stop Eat combines the results of extensive scientific research with a dieting protocol as old as humanity.

What Is the Guide All About?

The idea behind this diet of incredible health benefits is that alternating periods when the dieter consumes food with periods of abstinence from anything containing calories will improve health and lead to weight loss. According to recent studies, systematic fasting will result in improved health of the cardiovascular and digestive health, decreasing blood sugar levels and increasing the eat stop eatsensitivity to insulin, increasing lypolysis and the level of growth hormone in the body.

Introducing short periods when you go completely without food will also restore the hormonal balance of the body, will reduce the risk of developing cancer and it will help the dieter maintain ideal body weight or lose weight. As another health benefit, the Eat Stop Eat system also makes it possible to break free form under the yoke of food, allowing the dieter to have more control over his or her body.

Miracle diets come and go all the time. Every efficient diet system has its own unique approach to weight loss or ideal body weight maintenance, yet all these diet programs have two things in common: they all restrict food intake in one way or another and they all reduce calorie intake over only a period of time.

Some diets swear by reducing the amount of carbohydrates introduced, others work by restricting the quantity of the proteins consumed. While these diets can be successful over a certain period of time, very few of them can be sustainable on the long run and become an integral part of one’s lifestyle.

The Eat Stop Eat system provides exactly what is missing from other diet systems: a way of eating that can become a lifestyle; a systematic approach that is able to generate natural weight loss by limiting the time food is consumed rather than prescribing what to eat.

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How Can You Lose Weight with the Eat Stop Eat System?

The Eat Stop Eat method is mainly about alternating short periods of fasting with pursuing one’s normal diet. 24-hour fasts introduced 2 times a week will reduce your calorie intake by as much as 25% while also prompting fat burning hormones to work harder, but without causing muscle loss. The fast will include the night – a period normally spent sleeping, when most of us don’t eat anyway. You can start fasting at 8 o’clock in the evening, after your last meal of the day and resume eating at 8 pm the following day, which means that there will be only a few hours when you will actually feel hunger or craving.

As for weight loss, the results are gradual and durable. Dieters can lose an average of 2-3 pounds a week, but the system being much more of a lifestyle than a simple diet, as long as you stick to the 2 x 24 hours without food, the pounds will not come back.

What the Book Contains

Pilon’s work provides a really comprehensive approach to dieting. His guide will explain everything about the difference between real hunger and the compulsion to eat – a mental and emotional urge that makes you crave food even when your body is still properly fed -, about how your metabolism will react to fasting and how the fast diet will inevitably bring about weight loss.

The method being so ingeniously simple, the guide does not contain any special weight loss recipes, but it does provide useful weight loss tips like staying properly hydrated or keeping busy to divert your thoughts from food.

Eat Stop Eat Before and After

eat stop eat before and after

What Others Say about the Eat Stop Eat Diet System

The system has already helped numerous people lose weight. Many reviewers agree that the guide has helped them overcome what seemed to lead to the failure of many other diets: food cravings. The fasting period being so short, dieters always knew they would have access to their favorite food soon, which stopped their mind revolving around food fantasies.

Reviewers also appreciate the other health benefits of using the system, pointing out how they “are not simply good, but life changing”.


This revolutionary system might just be the thing you have been looking for. Losing weight in an easy way and additional benefits that can make you healthier and allow you more control over your lifestyle – this is what the Eat Stop Eat system offers, so check it out right now: the guide is available for a really reasonable price and it does not require any further investment.

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